How a Social Worker Can Become an Entrepreneur and Still be Social

Since Evelyn started thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and starting her own business, her head was full of questions. Sure, not knowing all the answers made her anxious. But nevertheless, this energy felt much better than being unemployed and feeling no energy at all.

She knew she needed some firm answers. How can a social worker transform into an entrepreneur? How do they get clients? Who will pay for that?

IMG_2325My name is Anneke, and I am a social worker  just like you and Evelyn. Since 2006, I  have been running my own business. I teach and coach social workers how to become a successful entrepreneur and still be social. This is where I met Evelyn.

Like Evelyn, many other social workers fear deep down that you will loose your social spirit once you become an entrepreneur. It’s always on our mind’s all the time to avoid becoming the pushy salesmen or greedy snatchers. Who wants to be like this? Not Evelyn, nor you or me.

Let me promise you there is a solution to address your fears. It’s my proven system of 7 easy steps called Sweet Social Marketing. More on that in a next episode of Evelyn’s journey. Now let me first tell you how Evelyn made her next step.

Evelyn needed answers. I gave her examples of social workers who became an entrepreneur.

  • Saskia and Evelien are two young dutch social workers and their business is called “Samen Wille”. They organize speeddates for the elderly to find one more time true love in their life.
  • Dagmar grew up with disordered parents. She became a social worker and is now helping other women who grew up in the same situation, to get a balanced life.
  • Marjolein is a social worker who is helping women who experienced a deep loss in their life and who reached the point that nobody else can help them. She helps these women to learn to live with this.
  • Rick started a practice for men with problems in their marriage. He helps them to take three major decisions to get their lives back on track.

I also coach social workers who have a business in helping other social workers, like I do.

  • Hans is a community worker who now is successful in helping social workers with their social media.
  • Wies, an expert in child abuse prevention, is helping social workers to take better care of abused children.

All these social worker entrepreneurs have in common that they followed their passion. They choose to work with specific clients with specific problems that match perfect with their own passion and talents.

Evelyn learned a couple of things:

  • She was not alone: many social workers become an entrepreneur or have plans to do so
  • It is possible to be successful: to have paying clients and get an income
  • You have to be specific: choose specific clients with specific problems
  • It works best if you make these choices with your heart: just follow your passion

If you stay loyal to your passion, you can become a social worker entrepreneur and still feel aligned with your higher purpose to serve people in need. Now, how can you turn your passion into a business?

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Anneke Krakers

Anneke Krakers teaches Social Workers about marketing and branding their services in a simple system. In her homeland, The Netherlands, she is well know as a business coach, blogger and speaker for Social Workers. A couple of years ago, Anneke started dreaming and wondering how to portray Social Workers as the hero’s they really are? What If social workers earned the appreciation and money they deserve? A new purpose was born, and Anneke started helping Social Workers to become more entrepreneurial. View all posts by Anneke Krakers

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