Don’t Underestimate the Power of Nature

Sometimes it is hard to continuously find motivation to reach your goals to conserve nature and work to help the environment.  Second thoughts may come up such as…Is it really worth carrying around all these reusable bags? or Can’t I just buy a plastic water bottle when I get to the gym? and even A Big-Mac sounds good right about now! 

Although everyone’s second thoughts are different, we all have them. And even if you haven’t asked yourself similar questions, I’m sure someone else has.

What can you do about this?

When you are hearing these thoughts, it is hard to snap out of it.  The only sure way to get back to where you want (and need) to be is to venture into nature!  Petting a few animals may remind you why you choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.  Swimming in a lake and seeing all the fish and animals could also remind you why you don’t use plastic.  Those animals don’t deserve to eat the plastic or have it stuck around their necks!  Seeing beautiful trees and greenery is a reminder that you don’t want to cause any harm to our dear Earth!

Another Example of nature’s inspiration:



Black bear at the animal sanctuary on Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

5 ways to incorporate nature into your everyday life

1. Open the windows

Whether you’re cooking dinner or slaving over your computer at work, fresh sunlight from open blinds or fresh air from an open window can do wonders!

2. Have a plant

Taking care of a plant is a great way to see nature every day. You are actively caring for it, which creates a lot of motivation! To keep the plant alive and healthy, a routine must be established which leads to it being an everyday part of your life.

3. Add a pet to your family

It does not matter if you decide on the typical dog or take the easier way and get a fish or spring for a horse, each will provide you with a source of joy. Even more so than a plant, animals provide a routine and a sense of responsibility to animals and plants of the Earth.

4. Go for a walk

Some of the best ideas are thought of during a walk!  Why is that?  I think getting fresh air and your endorphins flowing keeps the human body and mind working the way it should.

5. Eat plants

It has been proven that a plant-based diet is best for the environment.  It can also help with your health and therefore your mind as well.  Jumping head first into a plant-based diet can be daunting, which is why it is recommended to start with Meatless Mondays.

Start today

No matter how you personally choose to do it, I ask you to meditate on the beauty of our Earth and how you treat our home and all those who inhabit it.

The Danger of Technologies: How Outdoor Childhoods Are A Thing Of The Past

There is something wonderful, magical even, about being outside with the wind against your face. The tranquility that nature provides cannot be found in a prescription bottle or on the internet. Today’s society is so in touch with technology that they are forgetting the very basics. We need the sunshine for vitamin D, and we need fresh air to help boost brain activity, get clarity, and improve our learning ability. You don’t see kids out playing in creeks or riding their bikes much anymore. Are children becoming slaves to the technological revolution?

Alarming Statistics

According to The Washington Post, teenagers spend an average of seven and a half hours on technology each day. The average teen only spends 20 minutes out in the fresh air, some spend no time at all outside. Watching television, playing video games, and surfing the web, has become the new normal. Technology can be dangerous. Children are enamored with the “hybrid life.” They don’t understand how wonderful it can be to make mud pies, watch the stars, swing in a hammock in the backyard, or collect rocks. It’s the simple things that the generation of today is missing, and it is causing great problems.

Childhood Obesity Numbers Point To Trouble

Ask any child of the 1970’s – 1980’s and you will find that most spent an enormous amount of time playing outside. According to, one in three children today are categorized as obese. Children are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, joint problems, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and other weight related issues. When researchers delve deeper into the numbers they find a variety of things that are contributing to the problem. It all comes from poor eating habits, lack of sleep, and not enough exercise.

Another concerning issue is the fact that children of today are not learning the social skills they need to survive. Many can communicate over social media or through text messages, but they have no clue how to have a conversation in person. It’s easy to hide behind a computer screen to talk, but texting and blogging will do little to help tomorrow’s generation with their careers. They need old-fashioned people skills.

Fresh Air Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Kids of today don’t know what it feels like to play out till you crash from exhaustion. They don’t know how it feels to get your feet dirty, your skin sun-kissed, and your hair lightened from the sun. They don’t know the great feeling of jumping on a bike and having races with the neighbor kids. What about running through the sprinkler? Do kids even do that anymore? Technology has its place. When it is raining, or snowing outside, children need something to keep them busy. However, when the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful, kids need to outside enjoying nature.

Wilderness therapy is becoming increasingly popular as it encourages children to be outside. Children need to learn to appreciate all that there is beyond their four walls. According to The Mayo Clinic, there are more than 50 million Americans, both children and adults, taking antidepressants in this country. “Symptoms of ADD in children can be reduced through activity in green settings, thus “green time” can act as an effective supplement to traditional medicinal and behavioral treatments” says the University of Washington, College of Environment. If these researchers are correct, the remedy for what ails many people would be getting more fresh air.

Encourage Outdoor Play

Children today have been done a great disservice. They don’t know how wonderful it can be to spend the day running and playing outside. The American Pediatric Association recommends no more than one hour of technology for any child, per day. Encourage children to go outside. Save the games for a rainy day.

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