Resources for the Social Work Student

by Deona Hooper, MSW

Are you an aspiring social work student, but you need more information before making social work your career choice? Maybe, an informative list of articles written by social work professionals can help you make this important decision. Guide to Online Schools have compiled such a list in order to help students gain a better insight into the profession. Topics range from “What can I do with this Degree” to “Life After College”.  There is also a list of articles entitled “Warning Advice for Social Work Students”. Most importantly, there is a link to US News and Rankings for you to view the top rated social work schools in the country.

Here is a preview of the section “Choosing a Social Work School”:

Choosing a Social Work Program

  • “How Long Will This Take?” by Donna, professor and PhD program director at the University of Maryland School of Social Work: PhD students often wonder why social work programs take four years to complete. This article details what is done during each of those years of study and why a full four years of schooling is important.
  • “U.S. News Rankings of MSW Programs” by Ray Woodcock: An in-depth breakdown of U.S. News and World Reports’ rankings of MSW programs. This article will help you to understand the merits and faults of the program rankings so you can fully consider the impact that a school’s ranking should have on your decision to enroll there.
  • “Human Behavior I: 5 Reasons Why I Chose Social Work as an Undergrad” by Cayce G Pack:This blog post chronicles one student’s reasons for choosing to study social work and attend the Silver School of Social Work at NYU.    Read Full Article

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