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As social workers, we’re asked to remember and interpret thousands of pieces of information every day. Our clients expect us to know and to remember. We’re asked to recall the names of distant cousins, specific traumatic incidents that shaped a client’s life course, birthdays, allergies, the list goes on and on.

What’s more, we’re asked to be resource experts. Our clients trust us to have the best, most accurate information about the resources they need. Where’s the closest food pantry to my home? What shelter is accepting new clients? What after school programs are available for my child? We want to help but, at times, our ability to do so is limited by the information we’re given (or not given).

Healthify, a web-based social services resource search platform, seeks to help you solve this problem.

What is Healthify?

Healthify allows you to quickly and easily search for food, shelter, mental health care, and many more program categories, by zip code, city or even street address.

What’s more, accounts are completely free for community based organizations and non-profits. Users can:

  • Search our database of 180,000 social service resources
  • Share resources easily with teammates
  • Download directions
  • Leave comments for yourself and your colleagues about the quality of care your clients received while at a program
  • Communicate instantly with Healthify staff to get more information, share concerns and give feedback.

How did Healthify start?

Healthify founders, Alex, Dan, Eric and Manik had seen hundreds of patients in Baltimore whose health was adversely affected by social circumstances or behavioral health conditions. They simply didn’t have the tools to effectively address their needs or coordinate their care with other providers and social services agencies. Healthify was created with the idea of using the best that software had to offer in order to solve some of the worst issues faced by the American healthcare system.

The Community Care Network

It was my dream to create a linked network of high quality social service agencies across the United States. We so often rely on personal connections and relationships at individual agencies in order to meet our clients’ needs and determine what and where the most effective services are. What if we were all linked together through a common network striving to affect positive change in the world?

The Community Care Network helps to make my dream a reality.  You can share ideas, find events, and collaborate with users in your field of work.

  • Start searching Healthify’s network of social services, by visiting: .
  • Join our social network here: .

Sound like a good idea? Join Healthify today.

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Sarah Clore

As a social worker with ten years of experience working at the intersection of education and mental health, Sarah believes in the transformative power of accessible, holistic client care. Sarah aims to empower clinicians and patients alike through her work managing Healthify's Community Care Network. View all posts by Sarah Clore

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