8 Ways to Stay Productive When Working from Home

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Looking for tips on how to remain productive while working from home? More and more people each day are turning homeward as their place for doing business.

Sometimes this happens because companies are sending their employees into remote offices in-order to decrease budget expenses.  At other times this is happening because more and more people are starting their own businesses from home rather than relying on corporate America.

Whatever your case is, you can be assured that many people in today’s business world are looking for opportunities to work from home. After all, this means that they will be able avoid traffic snarls, weather delays, and the thermostat setting drama of a cubicle among other advantages.

Working outside of the traditional office setting, however, creates its own unique challenges.  One of the biggest challenges is found in maintaining a consistent level of productivity throughout the day.

How to Maintain Productivity While Working from Home

  1. Get into the Office Setting

To be productive, you need to act like you are going to work, simply because you are. Since you have engineered your home for maximum relaxation and comfort, you might not be able to work well within that setting. This is because the brain associates daytime TV and pajamas with lazy weekend mornings.

Therefore, you should switch into work mode when and as required. Make some tea/coffee, hop into the shower, and get dressed in clothing that passes for a work-casual style. Kick-starting your body into thinking it is work time will improve your productivity.

  1. Compartmentalize Space

Instead of confining your life to your bedroom, create a designated space in your home for work. The space should be away from where you sleep and/or spend time with family.

  1. Listen to Ambient Music

Working outside the home is refreshing. So, go out to a coffee shop every occasionally in-order to refresh your productivity and creativity from the external noises. Per a University of Chicago peer-reviewed study, moderate levels of ambient noise are great for creative cognition.

If you want to stay indoors, consider joining sites like COFFITIVITY and listen to the music while working.

  1. Keep in Touch

Regular communication and human interaction is vital to your productivity while working from home. Since you won’t be able to stop by your colleagues for a quick chat, you need to be dedicated to communication teams.

Get in touch with other team members to check in. This will ensure that you are in touch with what is happening in the outside world. Consider the following tools:

  • a) Email

Email is ideal for formal check-ins, as well as for requesting or sharing complex information, resources, and documents.

  • b) Instant Messaging

IM is better for less formal updates and check-ins, as well as quick questions needing timely answers.

  • c) Video Calls

Use Google Hangouts or Skype to discuss meetings and ideas with your peers, management and customers or clients.

  • d) Website Comments

Stay in touch with the latest in your industry as you make a site comment on a blog or forum and track the conversation to see what you learn from the digital interactivity.

  1. Cut out Distractions

Although you have the freedom to create a wonderful playlist, you need to keep away from anything that might distract you when you are working. The top distractions to ward off while working include:

  • Music
  • Pets
  • Children
  • Visitors
  • Deliveries
  1. Always Prepare

Anticipate your needs before you start working. Then, have an adequate supply of coffee, printer ink, and pens – as well as anything else you might need while in the work process. This way, you will not easily be distracted or tempted to stop working to get the supplies. Additionally, ensure that you have adequate lighting and a great working space complete with a comfortable office chair.

  1. Keep Fit

Since your kitchen is so close, you need to eat healthy to keep in shape. Cultivate good nutrition habits and plan healthy and simple snacks and meals that you can easily eat during your breaks.

  1. Take Breaks

Finally, take regular breaks. Studies show that the most productive people focus for around 52 minutes and disengage from work for 17 minutes. Such rest periods will help your mind to return to work refreshed.

The above ways will go a long way in ensuring that you are more productive – probably even more than when you had a regular 9-5 work schedule.

When I began working from my own home office it was a challenge to keep focused, energized and committed.  However, the benefits absolutely outweigh the disadvantages.

Tap into these tips today for your own home office and watch as your productivity soars in the right direction.

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