Top 5 Places To Read Reviews Before You Download An App

Mobile technology has placed the power to shape our lives in the palm of our hands. Today, people are heavily reliant on their mobile phones/ tablets for rudimentary, as well as more complex day-to-day functions.

App stores are swarming with mobile apps of all shapes and sizes that promise a great deal of value to users. According to an estimate, 50,061 apps were added to app stores this month alone, taking the total number of active apps to an astonishing 3,047,527.

However, this growing number of apps is by no means an indicator of service quality as many of these seemingly revolutionary apps prove completely useless once you download them. 88% of online shoppers are known to rely on online reviews to help them in their pre-purchase analysis. While there are plenty of app review websites, many are thought to be influenced by app manufacturers.

So, where can you access factual and unbiased app reviews when deciding on an app? Here we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most reliable app review websites based on a strong Alexa rank, number of Facebook and Twitter followers as well as domain authority to help you identify the best app for your need:


CNET hosts the world’s largest repository of tech reviews containing unbiased editorial analysis and ratings for upcoming apps. These reviews owe their popularity to their timing as well as authenticity as CNET publishes detailed editorial reviews as soon as an app hits the market. These introductory reviews are then followed by timely updates like this one from AirG industry that changes throughout the app’s lifecycle including potential recalls or the launch of a competing app.

CNET also offers news and recommendations pertaining to high performing apps, thus readers can easily judge which app will give the most value for time and money. The recommendations made on the website are the result of a strict editorial process based on years of research and experience.

This entails detailed analysis and testing by CNET’s editors and lab staff as well as feedback from users and manufacturers. Their testing methodology is based on accepted industry benchmarks and provides qualitative results as well as comparative data that feed their technical reviews. Coupled with input from expert editors, these reviews give you pretty much everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

2. Business Insider

Business Insider is a German-owned news website that has one of the strongest tech journalist team in the world. It is among the most reliable and popular platforms for reading app reviews. The dependability of app reviews on BI can be gauged by the fact that their tech videos receive a whopping 500 million views per month.

Since BI is a news website, their reviews are usually placed under click-bait and hyperbolic headlines which make them all the more compelling to read. These reviews are published after in-house testing and analysis, incorporating all essential aspects including design, usability, performance, speed and functionality.

3. The Telegraph

The Telegraph is England’s national daily newspaper that has gained worldwide acclaim for providing reliable app reviews on its website. You can find in depth analysis, recommendations as well user-generated comments on the website pertaining to a plethora of applications.

The Telegraph updates content on a daily basis, whereas their app reviews are accessible in their archives. The content of these reviews is highly dependable, much in line with the reputation of their brand and therefore you can easily rely on them while making purchase decisions.

4. Mashable

Mashable is a world renowned multi-platform media and entertainment company that is a go-to destination for tech-related content. The app reviews published at Mashable distinguish themselves by being extremely detailed and fact-based.

They provide you specific information to help you contemplate how using a certain app will be like. These reviews provide you meticulous understanding regarding all aspects of an app, both on its own, as well as in comparison with other apps in the market. Moreover, the website offers lists of most popular apps to help you identify the best app for your needs.

5. Techcrunch

Techcrunch provides the latest technology news and information about tech startups. It hosts engaging app review videos that walk you through all crucial elements of an app’s performance.

These videos are much more effective than written reviews, as they provide analysis by technology experts alongside personal experiences from users in order to help you understand the workings of an application in detail. They also enable you to take optimum advantage of apps by walking you through their features and highlighting their applicability

A brief glance at these websites will not only enlighten you with an app’s performance, but also provide you with helpful tips, enabling you to pick the very best of the lot.

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