Pinterest for Social Workers


Pinterest for dreamers

If you’re a dreamer who loves to visualize all beautiful things in life and beyond, you must take a look on Pinterest. You can find pics of Paradisedream houses, the most gorgeous hidden place on earth, stars and planets, or the ultimate creamy crispy creme brûlée you can imagine. It’s all there. The search function is easy and works perfect so why wait to see some dreams can come true!

For this reason and I guess I’m not the only one, I started my account on Pinterest. It’s fun, relaxing and time flies by on a rainy sunday morning. But after a few weeks, I got fed up with so much to dream about and spent less and less time on Pinterest.

Pinterest for keepers

But Pinterest evolved, and I discovered Pinterest was not only about the lovely pictures. It could be about the information behind the picture. The pin can be linked to a whole webpage with information you want to pin down. Pinterest became a tool to keep a file of interesting webpages. That’s cool! You can use it as an visual archive. This is an example of a teacher collecting ideas for the classroom.

Pinterest for entrepreneurs

Next time I really got into Pinterest, it was when I got an assignment from my branding coach to make a brand board. I enjoyed working on it and got all my inspiration from thousands of inspiring pictures. First I choose my brand words and then used these words in the search function. I made a beautiful board with more than 100 pins. This was so useful! If you’re in business and looking for your brand (website, logo, colors, fonts) Pinterest is a great resource.

Here are some more useful tips on Pinterest for your business >>>

Pinterest for Social Workers

Not so long ago, I couldn’t sleep when I remembered how time flies when you’re on Pinterest. I opened my iPad and found out I had some new followers. And guess what ….. They were Social Workers! I took a look at their pinboards and discovered a whole new world on Pinterest. I found so many inspiring pins tagged with social work, and I loved it!

That’s when I decided to make my own pinboard named Social Work and collect these beautiful pins. Some with great and useful information, some with humor, some with inspiring quotes and some with some grumpy stuff.  I also produce my own graphics on Social Work with Word Swag, and I keep them on this board.

Pinterest for Social Souls

Pinterest is just what it is a platform to collect and share pins. However, Pinterest is not very social as in connecting with people. You can follow each other and like pins, but that’s it. At this moment I’m focusing on building my community of Social Workers “Social Souls” (you’re welcome!). The world of social media can be very overwhelming. Be careful and choose what you need and use it as you wish.

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