Mary Lambert Releases “She Keeps Me Warm” Video

Last fall, LGBTQ individuals and allies found solace and strength when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis released “Same Love,” The fourth single off of their album “The Heist,” featuring Seattle based singer/songwriter Mary Lambert. The song was recorded during the campaign for Washington Referendum 74, the ballot measure that legalized gay marriage in the state of Washington. “Same Love” became an anthem for gay rights activists across the country, a rallying cry for legalization and recognition of same sex marriages. The single topped out at number #11 on the Billboard top 100 charts but reached #1 in Australia and New Zealand.

Mary Lambert co-wrote the song and composed the hit’s hook chorus in less than 2 hours. Mary Lambert a self-taught pianist from age 6, pulled her inspiration for the song from her personal experiences.


Lambert had a tumultuous upbringing she and has spoken candidly about the abuse she suffered as a child.  “I had a pretty traumatic childhood,” she said.  “I ended up being a depressed eight-year-old.  I was really, really sad.”   Desperately in need of an emotional outlet, Lambert’s obvious choice was music, an inclination that runs in her family.  “We always had a piano in the house, and Mom always had her guitar,” she added.  Lambert continued to struggle with overcoming sexual abuse, bipolar disorder, and realizing her sexuality, but said she considers music to be what she can pinpoint as, “an immediate turnaround.”

Lambert was raised Pentecostal, and saw firsthand the prejudices many within the church have against the gay community when her mom came out as a lesbian.  “My mom started dating women when I was six,” she said, “and the church ostracized us.”  Growing up in poverty, their forced severance from the church took not only a toll on their faith-based lives, but also on their finances.  “We were sort of a charity family, and so we lost all of that, and that connection to that community.” read full article

After the unprecedented success of “Same Love,” Mary embarked on a journey to expand on the story glimpsed in “Same love”. With the support of co-collaborators Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, she wrote and recorded a beautiful extension to the hit song, “She keeps me Warm.” The new song was released nationwide in July.

Today exclusively on the Billboard Music website, Mary Lambert released the video to accompany “She keeps me warm.” In the interview with Billboard Mary described her motivation, and inspiration for the video.

“Two years ago, I did an extensive YouTube search for a mainstream music video that depicted a lesbian relationship,” she says. “I was disappointed, shocked and a little hurt that I couldn’t find a single one. Sure, there were hot girls rolling around in lingerie, girls briefly holding hands, or something involving a man. Lesbians were used as shock value. This video came to fruition with an all-queer female crew who shared my vision. It was an incredible experience.” read full article

Mary Lambert will be performing along with her co-collaborators, the nationwide hit, “same love,” at the Video Music Awards this coming Sunday Night. The VMA’s will broadcast live on MTV on August 25th at 9pm/8pm Central. Follow the link below to view the exclusive premiere on the Billboard Music website, before its wide release at noon on August 25th.

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