Signs That Show Your Workout Is Not Enough

If you’re not getting any result after spending a lot of time in the gym, you need to check your fitness routine thoroughly and try to find out the reason that is mainly responsible for the delay. Let us discuss some important signs that show why your workout is not enough:

Despite The Hard Work Out You Don’t Sweat

After doing a set of exercises, you need to take a rest and let your sweat out of your body. Your body should break a sweat after a set of squats or some yoga poses, if not then there’s something went wrong during the exercise.

You Are Still Inflexible After Your Workouts

Maybe you are doing the workouts in a regular manner, but one thing you need to keep in your mind that the workouts relate with your body but not your mind. It’s all about how fast you’re able to move your body while doing the exercise because that only brings you the flexibility in your body. Try to move your body as fast as your mind goes so that your body and mind can run parallel and you feel flexible after some days of workouts. You can take proteins to increase your stamina level.

You Are Not Losing Any Weight

If you’re unable to burn your fat or not losing weight after the workouts, you need to check your diet routine and if necessary, make some changes in it. If your body composition is not getting changed after the workouts, it means you’re not doing it in the way it should be. Add some weights or do the workouts in a high intensity rather than the previous so that you can able to build your muscles and burn fat. Rowing machine workout gives you a full-body workout and maximizes your calorie burn. 

You Feel Like Doing Some More Workouts At The End

After the regular session of exercise, if you feel like doing some more workouts at the end, we suggest just go for it as it will help you to determine your saturation period. Add some free weights just like 2 to 4 pounds and try beyond your comfort level as it will help you to burn more calories and brings you the results faster. Don’t let yourself down if you’re unable to do more workouts, just keep trying all the time and one day you will find yourself comfortable doing some more pushups or squats.

Your Body Doesn’t Feel Sore The Next Day

It is quite natural to feel a little sore after 24 hours from your last workout session. If it is not happening to you then probable chances are that your workout was not up to that mark to stimulate those muscles. Some microscopic damage occurs to our muscles when we do some hard work or regular workouts. The muscles then try to repair and adapt themselves and grow stronger that will lead you to undergo a little discomfort.

You Are Not Getting Better At The Exercises Even After Regular Workouts

You might be doing something wrong during your regular exercise like adopting a bad posture or holding your body in a single position for a long time that will create a bad impact on the output. Trust yourself not your ego and keep trying to do more workouts with continuous body movement and lifting of knees properly. There is no doubt that you will get better results if you’re exercising in a proper manner on a daily basis. Try to maintain good postures or follow your gym instructor for the better output.

The best you can do is stick to a regular fitness routine of workout and after a month or fortnightly, check the progress you have made. Men usually gain about say 2 pounds after a month due to the high testosterone levels, while women gain slowly say about a pound a month. So that’s not to say if you don’t see results after a month you should give up. It should be a slow progression if you’re doing it the right way, but a progression nonetheless.

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