Do We Really Care About the Challenges Disadvantage Children Face in getting a Quality Education

Below is an excerpt of one of the very first interviews that I did after creating Social Work Helper. I shared quite of insight as to my driving forces to advocate on behalf of the vulnerable.

Here is an excerpt:

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Deona Hooper, MSW. Deona is a recent honors graduate and currently works as a Child Protective Services Investigator. Deona is very talented and skilled with technology and through the combination of her computer skills and knowledge of the social work field, she has created, a social networking community for social work practitioners and students.

In this post, you will have the opportunity to not only learn about this site, but to also hear about Deona’s unique journey to becoming a social worker. She is a third-generation teen parent who has struggled to work and study her way out of poverty. I think you will find her determination, hard work and generosity inspiring. Read More

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