Top 6 Best Tips For Better Blog Promotion on Facebook

Social Media promotion is a must in creating long lasting success as well as increasing traffic for any blog. Using social media is the best way to give your blog more exposure and gain more loyal readers. There are many social networks and social bookmarking websites that can drive huge traffic to your blog but, Facebook is one of the best when it comes to social media promotion.

I have summarized some of the proven methods for blog promotion on Facebook. Everyone has their own strategy and method for promotion, but these are the top 6 best tips for better blog promotion on Facebook.

1. Represent your blog on Facebook:

If you have recently launched a new blog, the first and foremost thing to do is to represent you blog on Facebook. Though, most of the bloggers do not like to reveal their blog or do not quite represent their blog personally on Facebook, it’s always profitable to do so. This does certainly gives you blog more exposure and blog engagement.

So, update your profile and let you family and friends know about your blog and might tell your friends to do the same. This might not generate much traffic but you get some recognition for sure.

2. Create A Fan Page

A fan page is one of the best ways to get new readers for your blog or keep your currently subscribed users a scoop of your blog’s content. A fan page does also help you generate huge amount of traffic and exposure.

Creating a normal Facebook page and promoting you blog does not produce good results. You need to build up a brand on Facebook too. Use a perfect logo and an eye catchy cover photo as well. Write a brief summary and also drop your blog URL, so that new users that come to know about your blog via Facebook might visit your blog and get converted to valuable readers as well.

3. Facebook Groups

One of the best features of the Facebook are the Facebook groups. Facebook groups connect thousands of people all around the world so promoting your blog on Facebook groups can give unbeatable traffic and exposure.

Always join Facebook groups wisely, see the no of members and whether they interact with each other or not. Facebook groups having good number of members and interaction can take you blog promotion on Facebook to a whole new level.

Never join Facebook groups randomly as this will be a waste of time and you’ll not get expected results. Another important thing you should keep in mind is to never spam any Facebook group with your blog links. Spamming the group basically means sharing too many blog posts without strategy. So, better find out when your blog gets much traffic after promoting your blogs posts on Facebook and always share some of your best written articles instead of posting you blog posts randomly.

4. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising might not be affordable for all the people but this method of blog promotion is undoubtedly one of the best Facebook blog promotion strategy. You can create ads for your recent blogs posts or your blog’s page itself and build up audience following and exposure rite away. Facebook ads also allow you to target users from certain place, country or even interests. So, it’s a fact that you will get high quality and interested audience. This surely helps your blogs traffic, readership and also might boost up your sales as well.

Some of the best means of Facebook advertising are:

  • Basic Marketplace Ads: These type of ads are best for generating traffics and leads for your blog. You can direct your users to a landing page or your contents and get traffic and exposure straight away.
  • Promoted Post: Promoted posts can be useful for article marketing on Facebook. You can promote your content to your subscribers even better and connect with other users that are not connected with you or your blog.
  • Sponsored Stories: This is one of the latest paid advertising feature for promoting your blog on Facebook. You get maximum exposure and CTR is also quite high rather than compared to other ad formats. These type of ads or sponsored stories show up on all the desktop as well as mobile devices ad shows the user that his/her friend have subscribe to or followed a page or an article like below and so this can give better results than other means of paid promotion.


5. HashTags(#) :

Hashtags are the recently launched feature by Facebook. Hastags basically groups any posts like photos, status or articles on Facebook under a commonly used tag or a Hashtag. Like if someone tags a post or a status with (#peace) then everyone who uses the tag will have their post listed under the tag #peace.

Though this has not been for much long, but this is gaining popularity very quickly. If used properly, you can get the most exposure and traffic as well rather than other blog promotion techniques. This is because you can reach people or users all around the globe which will not be possible with ease via other means of blog promotion on Facebook.


Tips to use hashtags more conveniently:

  • Choose tags that best defines you posts or stories, instead of using the Hashtags haphazardly.
  • Insert more than one hashtags. Like for a post about a newly launched phone Lumia by nokia you might use. #nokialumia and #latestnokiaphones.
  • Don’t use hashtags only while posting on the groups, instead on your personal profile post the blog post url and then use Hashtags. I’ve seen the posts do not show up under the Hashtags used inside the groups.
  • Always follow what bigger brands are posting, and then use the Hashtags they are using for their posts. In this way you can get more relevant and targeted audience.

6. Comments and Problem Solving

Joining help groups related to your fields of interest can provide a positive impact on your blog. Every day users face a lots of problems and help them to solve a problem and also dropping your related post url in the comments can help build relationship and audience. You’ll get recognition and most of the persons whom you helped to resolve their problems will love you blog even more and might get you more audience by sharing or bookmarking you blog.

From The Desk,

These are some of the best means for promoting your blog on Facebook that i personally follow and works quite well. Everyone should also get into social media promotion if they want their blog to live long and progress well. You can build up traffic, reader and exposure with free yet very effective social promotion on network like Facebook.

So, why not get started now and expose some of your best contents to people with similar mind set and do not forget the above mentioned top 6 tips for blog promotion on Facebook to do it better and more conveniently.

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