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Half of the year 2013 is already passed and until the midway of this year, we have seen many crazy happenings in the world of blogging. Since, Yahoo has purchased Tumblr, there are a list of new competitors entering the market this year. Many believe the billion dollar buyout by Yahoo may be the end to the popular Tumblr blogging platform. Here is a list of new blogging platforms gaining popularity below:

  1. GHOST: This is a new competitor in the blogging market with an eye of gaining reputation in the market by providing an open-source application allowing users for writing and publication of their own blogs. This simple blog is designed elegantly to help you focus on blogging rather than messing up with the work. Available with a mobile access, this blog can be customized easily and used from any device removing the restriction of blogging from computers or laptops only.

  2. Empower Network: Empower Network is an affiliate marketing based blogging platforms similar to Blogger and WordPress. ENV2 the newest upgrade is slated to be launched in the month of September this year. This new blog will provide many new features such as a Newsfeed functionality similar to social networking sites. A user can have multiple domains in a single account and can share videos or other blogs easily from the mobile app. Posts can be restricted to a particular team also as well as who can view posts in the news feed. This platform will provide support for multiple languages with customization and graphics features.

  3. SETT: SETT is a new blog that targets beginner bloggers with a community feature to help Freshers find the audience perfect for you without much hassle. Also, experienced bloggers can find a quality audience for their blogs. SETT bloggers can easily keep a track of comments on their blogs and private messages made by others by using the community feature. In addition, for readers, an advanced sword matching technique allows SETT platform to suggest relevant blogs to the readers.  The platform developer, Tynan who has an experience of six years in the world of blogging, is seeking to make blogging a simpler process for new users and a better experience for experienced bloggers.

  4. POSTHAVEN: Posthaven is termed as a long-term project by its creators with a vision to make it the best platform for bloggers. After the success of Posterous and its acquisition by Twitter, its cofounders, Brett Gibson and Garry Tan came up with this new platform to provide an ultimate experience to bloggers. This new platform is aimed at providing durable URLs for bloggers forever. The model of this platform is kept open, straightforward, and sustainable to provide best-in-class access to this service.

  5. POSTAGON: This platform is created for the minimalists that prefer a clean and simple platform for blogging. This is a free platform for bloggers offering the entire essential features for providing a good writing and reading experience. With the popularity of simple interfaces, this platform is expected to get a good response from minimalist bloggers.

  6. POSTACH.IO: From the creators of Evernote, this new platform is considered the easiest platform for bloggers. The notes added to the Evernote account by its users can be easily published to the new blog with the ease of a click. This platform doesn’t require any Content Management Service (CMS) can be customized easily with user-defined easy-to-create themes along with access to technical features like Google Analytics and other services.

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