CSWE Film Festival Series: A Film Short on Depression Entitled “Got You” by Bianca Morris

by Bianca Morris

got-you-bianca-morrisGrowing up, my mother was my everything. She is a beautiful woman, caring mother, and an extremely hard worker. My father was never around, and I have no brothers or sisters, so it was just my mother and me.

I noticed my mother was often sad. It was so often that it was certainly depression. As a child, I didn’t know what to do about it. I would try to make her proud by doing well in school and trying to not pester her at home, but her sadness never seemed to go away. She struggled to keep up with the bills, attend college courses at night, and work as a teacher’s assistant during the day. My mother would constantly let me know that I was not the cause of her sadness, but all that meant to me was that I couldn’t do anything to help her even though I desperately wanted to help.

A wave of anxiety that currently stays with me came with the need to cure my mother. I constantly worried about what would happen if her sadness led her to run away and never return, or even worse, commit suicide. I often make films about my life, usually for the relief of getting it out of my system, and Got You was no different. Making this film was somewhat of a personal therapy for me. My hope is that it will touch audiences and lift stigma about depression, anxiety, and suicide.

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