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    Tramadol Addiction: What It Is And How To Overcome It




    Therapies for Tramadol

    Addiction can be both a physical and mental illness that can destroy lives and common type of drugs that people are becoming addicted to is painkillers. There are many different painkillers out there, but I wanted to talk about one in particular and the different methods and therapies used for overcoming tramadol addiction. Tramadol is a common type of pain killer that is widely used because of the low risk level of addiction. However, addiction is still possible and happens to about 10% of those who take it.

    Here are some steps you can take to help yourself or a loved one dealing with a Tramadol addiction.

    Therapies For Addiction

    Therapy is the most important step for long-term recovery. In therapy, destructive habits and negative addiction patterns can be addressed and dealt with. People who struggle with addiction typically deal with past or present trauma and use some sort of drug as a coping device, whether it be tramadol, shopping, smoking or drinking.

    Here are a few types of therapeutic techniques that are commonly used for people who find themselves addicted to tramadol.

    • Clinical – The clinical therapy approach targets the mental health condition of the patient who is struggling with addiction. Often times addiction can be a result of a mental health disorder and if the mental health condition isn’t properly diagnosed then you could find yourself hitting a brick wall when it comes to addiction breakthrough.
    • Social– The social therapy approach incorporates support groups, accountability partners and other forms of community to act as a tool for recovery. A lot of addicts enjoy this type of therapy simply for the fact that they can connect with others who are going through the same hardship and they can do this in a safe setting.
    • Bio-Social– The bio-social approach targets the individual’s response to the drug, mental health and the nature of the individual’s addiction. It aims to dissect the nature of addiction.

    Before therapy can take place, it is imperative that detox of tramadol takes happens. Detox should happen in a hospital or rehabilitation center. The patient will need round the clock medical care and attention for the withdrawal that will take place. The definition of Detox can be found on this Wikipedia Page.

    Once detox has successfully taken place, it’s important to realize that there can still be some long-term effects, such as depression, mood swings and trouble sleeping. Because of the long-term effects this addiction can bring it is important to seek ongoing therapy.

    If you or a loved one suffers from tramadol addiction then seeking help is the first step towards recovery. If you believe that a friend or family member has an addiction then it is important to set up an intervention with friends and family to let them know that they are cared about. Also, let them know that you are willing to help them on their recovery journey.

    Always remember you can’t and should never try to solve an addiction on your own. Seek out friends, family or medical professionals to help guide you.

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    Henry Hernandez lives in Orange County, CA with his family of 9 where he is a counselor for a detox and rehab facility Look for Henry on Google+.