Sharing Your Dreams and Knowing Your Purpose

It makes me so sad when I meet social workers who have lost their dreams, their passion, their why. Just like Evelyn. Evelyn is now unemployed for two years. Her heart wasn’t bouncing anymore, her passion for helping people in need was just a dream of the past.

They say you have to be a little crazy. They say you can’t change this world. They say you have to settle for baby steps in moving towards your career goals. However, you know it doesn’t matter if this is a little crazy because you can change this world, and you are prepared to take huge steps to make it happen. As social worker, you know this dream is needed in order to do the job, be effective, and make a difference.

Entrepreneurship can also help social workers who dare to be a little crazy find other ways to fulfill your purpose. To become a successful social worker entrepreneur, there is one condition: you have to know your dream, your passion, and your purpose. Who will dare to change this world or to take those huge steps towards building your own dream instead of building someone else’s dream?

Here are 5 great tips to discover your dream and feel your passion burning again.

  1. Please share your dream!Remember why you choose to be a social worker. I guess there has been something in your personal life that makes you wanna help other people in need. It might come from a personal pain and a personal need for help. Remember this every time you can.
  2. Heal yourself. If there is still pain in your life that keeps you away from your dreams then you have to heal this pain first. Perhaps you can do this yourself. If not, ask for help.
  3. Stand still. Only if you stand still you can get in touch with your deep desires and feel your passion again. Meditate, go for a walk in the forest. Do everything you can to connect with your dreams.
  4. Stop finding it normal what you are doing! If you think that it is normal what you’re doing you don’t see the value anymore. And believe me, you’re delivering huge, huge value.
  5. Share your dream. By sharing it, it comes more real. You can inspire others with your story but and that is more important, others can ask you about the steps you’ve taken to make this dream come true. Imagine their faces if you tell them about the huge steps you take!

It is my dream to help social workers to become a successful entrepreneur, and this is my way of sharing my dream with you. Now, I would like you to share your dream with us.

Looking forward to your comments!

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Anneke Krakers

Anneke Krakers teaches Social Workers about marketing and branding their services in a simple system. In her homeland, The Netherlands, she is well know as a business coach, blogger and speaker for Social Workers. A couple of years ago, Anneke started dreaming and wondering how to portray Social Workers as the hero’s they really are? What If social workers earned the appreciation and money they deserve? A new purpose was born, and Anneke started helping Social Workers to become more entrepreneurial. View all posts by Anneke Krakers

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