ABA Therapy Is the Gold Standard for Tennessee Children With Autism

Raising a child with autism takes extra skill and educational support. Many parents have reached out to ABA therapy centers like JoyBridge to get that extra support. Centers like this one offer evaluation and treatment using only clinically-proven tools and applied behavioral analysis.

ABA Therapy Center Programs

JoyBridge Kids serves over 40 children from their Mount Juliet location. Children aged 2 through 7 can attend their Early Excellence program, which requires 25 to 35 hours per week. Children 5 to 8 may enroll in the After School Excellence Program, which includes 12 to 15 hours a week of therapy after school. Both programs include an array of services.

Standard Autism Therapy Services

JoyBridge uses a multidisciplinary approach to serving learners, where evaluating verbal ability is one part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Speech-language pathologists work with each child one-on-one and with their registered behavior technicians. Their speech-language therapists can also make recommendations for children with limited verbal ability.

Children with autism can benefit from the practical skills training that occupational therapists can provide. Occupational therapy techniques can help your child handle sensitivity to light, touch, or sound as well as help them overcome problems with balance or spatial awareness.

JoyBridge programs incorporate a range of play activities and social activities so that children can learn and practice important skills. In the Early Excellence program, children get to take part in gym, art class, circles, and lunch/snack time.

How the Programs Work

Like many autism therapy centers, JoyBridge uses direct assessments (one-on-one time with the child) and indirect assessments. Behavioral specialists turn that information into a comprehensive therapy plan that includes a range of activities and performance measurements. JoyBridge also involves parents in the process of providing needed services.

ABA Therapy in Mt. Juliet

If you are looking for autism services in Nashville or want to find ABA therapy in Tennessee, look for a program that offers therapy based on applied behavioral analysis and other clinically-proven interventions, like JoyBridge. Contact them via their website to learn more about their services.

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