What’s Going on with Moral Monday?

Future Voter at Moral Monday Protest
Future Voter at Moral Monday Protest

You may have heard some buzz about a social justice movement called Moral Mondays, or perhaps you haven’t. Moral Mondays is a political movement in North Carolina protesting the extreme GOP legislative policies. These laws have created gaps in policy which have affected vulnerable populations drastically and negatively.

Since April, citizens and organizers have been meeting at the legislative building every Monday with crowds gathering of up to 10,000 people. Since the legislative session has ended, it has taken the movement on the road where they will be touring all over the state and even going to Washington DC on September 12th.

The movement is getting national as well as some international attention. It has been featured in magazines such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The L.A. Times and even BBC Worldwide. Moral Mondays and the events in North Carolina has also been picked up by “The Story of America” project, where they aim to document the progress of our nation in hopes of finding resolution. They stated:

 “The Story of America is a unique project to both document the story of our divided nation in 2013, and engage those with the power to heal these divisions – the people – in the transforming power of storytelling and dialogue.”

The Moral Monday tour kick off began in Asheville on August 5th at Pack Square Park, the next one will be two separate events on the same day, the Coastal Moral Monday on August 19th in Manteo at the Road Island Festival Park beginning at 4pm, and the Charlotte Moral Monday at Marshall Park beginning at 5pm.  If you can’t go to these, it is almost certain the movement will be coming to a town near you.

View Moral Monday Story of America:

120 arrested at Moral Monday 6/24/13

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