Self-Connection: The Power of Music


Have you ever heard the first note of a song and been suddenly transported to another place and time – a distant memory – an emotional reprisal?

I have experienced that throughout my whole life, and I love it. Music is a powerful force in my life in a multitude of ways. Maybe, you can relate.

I choose my music based on my current mood or the mood I’m hoping to experience. It can garner feelings of sadness, melancholy, grief, heartache, joy, love, excitement, and inspiration …and so much more.

Sometimes, I like to be surprised by music. I find that listening to a radio station in the car, on satellite, or in a public place where I have no say in what is played can be so much fun and informative if I pay attention.

Receiving Guidance through Lyric

Have you ever been grappling with a problem, struggling with an emotion that you are not enjoying, seeking an answer to some deeply personal question; suddenly a song starts playing and an insight is realized?

You have been guided.

Maybe, you are wondering about someone from your past ~ sifting through memories ~ and that song plays. You know the one. And suddenly you know that it is time to reach out ~ or maybe, time to let go.

I have even noticed that if I set my intention on receiving guidance that I can still receive it even if I don’t necessarily like the particular song. This happened a little while ago when I got my first speeding ticket in years. And believe me, that’s a big deal because I had been quite good at it in my teens and early twenties ~ lead foot.

Anyway, as I drive away with my almost $200 fine, privately complaining about how the police officer hadn’t been very friendly, I tuned into the song on the radio.

“Too bad that you had to get caught

That’s not like you to lose face

So sad that you’re not as smart

As you thought you were in the first place”

An old Doug and The Slugs song that didn’t hold any special personal meaning for me, but spoke loud and clear that day in my car. And I don’t think the message was just about speeding!

Music as a Vibration

Whether you are listening to old school rock, reggae, blues, country or metal, music is a vibrational frequency. Music impacts us in ways that are not only emotional and intellectual, but also energetic.

Music can rev you up, inspire you, encourage you, put you to sleep, make you angry or make you cry. And, it’s not always just because we have attached a story to it or linked it to memory.

Music as a vibrational frequency has the power to heal.

Music can alleviate stress, enhance concentration, improve learning capacity and memory.

Music can impact upon our brain waves and induce higher levels of consciousness.

Music is a universal language that has the power to transcend time and space, to bring joy, to soothe, and to facilitate self-expression.

Whether it is a synchronistic or intuitive message, a balm for what ails, or the jolt of energy you need to continue, music as a vibrational frequency in any form can be used as a path to Self-Connection.

Sound Healing Research and Development

Sound Sync Technologies™ is a Scientifically proven sound healing technology developed by Ted Winslow. Ted invented this specialized sound healing music after 25 years of research and development of healing Solfeggio Frequencies, Binaural Beats, Theta Brainwave Technology, layering of frequencies, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, and spherical sound waves which are composed and mastered in a unique way to have a positive affect on the human energy field.

Through his unique style he has developed a form of sound healing that layers his compositions to maximize the healing effect that replicates the brain’s natural process while simultaneously providing a more powerful healing response.

Learn More about the Power of Music

In the famous words of Nicola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”.

Next week, I will introduce you to my guest for that show. I am thrilled to be interviewing Ted Winslow, the creator of Sound Sync Technologies™ who will share even more with us about the healing powers of music, sound, and vibration. This show promises to be packed with information, a taste of Ted’s creations, and a nice little surprise as well.

Self-Connection ~ The Power of Music is the topic of the next episode of Serving Consciously on Friday October 28 at 12:00 noon (PST) on

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